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Meet & Greet Initial Consultation


This is my chance to meet your dog and have you meet me as well! The initial consultation is where I will learn about your dog's habits and routine, go over feeding/walking instructions, and gather all pertinent medical information.  There is no charge for this visit.



Dog Walking


If you work long hours and your dog needs to get out during the day I am here to help!  I offer a 20, 30, 45 or 60 minute walk for your dog.  A daily walk has many benefits for dogs of all ages. 


When it comes to puppies, the more bathroom breaks they get, the less accidents they will have in the house.  Additionally, puppies can never have too much exercise!  If your puppy goes on a nice daytime walk, it will help them stay well exercised and can help curb destructive behaviors that they can sometimes establish out of boredom from being alone during the day.  It is also great socialization to spend time with a person outside of their immediate family. 


For adult and senior dogs, proper exercise is key to maintaining good health, both mentally and physically.  An afternoon walk can provide just the right amount of exercise and stimulation without overtiring your dog.  


Some dogs prefer a play session instead of a walk.  I am happy to spend our time together throwing a ball in the yard or playing tug of war with their favorite toy!





Pet Sitting


I believe dogs are happier in their own home as opposed to being in a kennel while their family is away.  While you’re away, I will take care of your dog in your home. This personalized attention helps your dog maintain their daily routine.  I will visit 3-4 times per day depending on the specific needs of your dog.  I will also send you photos and updates so you can see what your dog has been up to while you've been away.


In addition to looking after the needs of your dog, I can also provide additional home security by bringing in mail and newspapers, alternating lights, raising and lowering blinds, and watering plants.  If there is anything else you need, don't hesitate to ask!


Overnight Pet Sitting


I can also provide overnight care for those dogs who prefer to have a person with them while they sleep at night.  You can feel secure knowing that your dog has that added measure of comfort that overnight care provides.

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