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Elysse Ruschmeyer

As a dog lover, I have been taking care of dogs for as long as I can remember.  Whenever friends or family needed somebody to look after their dog, I was always the first to volunteer, and throughout the years my passion for caring for dogs grew.  After graduating from Fairfield University in 2010, I found myself working long hours in an office job, and after getting my dog Jake I had trouble finding the time to provide him with the amount of exercise and care he deserved during the day.  I was not happy with the idea of him being alone for a majority of the day, with only a few hours of interaction in the morning and the evening.  I found it difficult to find reliable professionals to care for him during the day, as well as somebody I could trust with him when I was out of town for multiple days.  The more I searched and spoke to other people who were having the same problem, the more I realized that there is a high demand for reliable dog care that is not being met.  After plenty of research, I knew I could create a superior dog care business that met the needs of dogs and their owners, so in 2014 I started Canine Campus, LLC.  My goal is to provide top quality care to dogs and give their owners the peace of mind of knowing their dog is happy and well cared for by a professional while they are away. 

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